Speak up for your friends missing out on school breakfast.

Imagine what your school could be if no kid was singled out.

The Problem

Kids who eat school breakfast score better on math tests, miss less days of school, and are more likely to graduate. But barely half of all the kids who need it get breakfast at school. 

The Solution

Starting your day on an empty stomach is tough. But by making breakfast a part of the school day, we're making sure that everyone has access to the healthy school breakfast they need to succeed. 

Imagine what your school could be if no kid was singled out. That's what Balboa High School did. 

Every morning, 1,300 breakfasts are placed on 1,300 desks in Balboa High School.

What Can I Do?

Watch how one school made sure sure that no student feels ashamed to eat a free, healthy breakfast.

Read about it here.

Talk to your principal about some ways to make it easier for everyone to access breakfast. Whether it's painting a mural in your cafeteria to make school breakfast more fun, sharing our tools to encourage your school to make some changes, or just eating school breakfast yourself and tweeting about it to spread the word, you can make sure everyone at your school has the opportunity to start their day #PoweredByBreakfast.

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